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The National Lighter Museum (NLM) has thousands of lighters on display for viewing. Some hundreds of years old - table models, pocket models, advertising, WWI, WWII, Zippos, Ronsons and more.
The only museum of its kind in the World, dedicated to collecting and preserving the history of the evolution of lighters. You will enjoy the warm and friendly atmosphere of the historic town of Guthrie, Oklahoma.
Representing over 100,000 years of lighters & Fire starters, with 30,000 pieces on display when completed. Man's first reverence was to fire and the man with the knowledge of fire.
If Man's first discovery was fire,Then it stands to reason, his first invention was a way to make it. Through the centuries, man's ingenious ideas and discoveries of new technologies has been used in the form of lighters mystifying and captivating generation after generation. From man's and woman's earliest existence they saw the importance of fire and the ability to be able to create it. Through the ages as man's knowledge grew so did the sophistication of the the lighter.

Lighters have been called by different names throughout the world so we have given them a politically correct name "Mechanical Pyrotechnic Apparatus".

By the late 15th/16th century with the discovery of the new world, tobacco was introduced to the old world and it spread like wild fire to all parts of the earth, with it the lighter started its new wave of fashion with hundreds of styles and innovations. Through the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, its popluarity saw no equal, (unless firearms). Around the turn of the 20th century pocket billboards were discovered and by the 1950s had opened a new era for the lighter. Every major corporation and "Mom and Pop" industries in America used the lighter for advertising. The working class no longer had to buy lighters. Every working man had 15 to 20 lighters stored back. They just took the lighter for granted. There are millions and millions out there in the bottom bureau drawer waiting to be discovered.
Cigarette companies, major corporations, major oil companies, taxi cabs, van storages, soft drinks (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.,) railroads, airlines, automobiles, food products, military, navy ships, sports and sports cars etc. Many companies presented lighters to employees for 25 to 30 years of devoted service, for safety awards and jobs that were done ahead of schedule and below budget. When a lighter has a name, date, and event engraved on it, it becomes a historic document.
A source of nostalgia and memorabilia unequaled and for everyone who believes that the history and the heritage of the lighter is too important to lose.
The purpose for establishing the National Lighter Museum is to gather information on lighter and manufacturers of lighters. To collect lighters for the general public to view and enjoy, and to promote lighter collecting.
When visiting the museum, Ted and Pat hope you will see the enormous opportunities available for collecting lighters, for lighters are both available and affordable in so many different categories.">ALL INQUIRES Phone Number (405)282-3025

This Museum Is For lighter lovers and lighter collectors from around the world. Donations as gifts of lighters are always welcome.

Pat and Ted are proud members of OTLS,lighter club


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